Sunday, January 31, 2010


fantastic! i wanna scream out loud, i want to kick and hit someone. too much thinking about unimportant stuff like them. Maybe they don't realize that they hurt me lots of. everytime i feel lonely, i have my very best friends accompany and entertain me. I value myself as an imperfect human. If you don't like me, why don't you just say it directly to me? I personally believe that you and they talk about me, behind me and freaking about me. Wow i really appreciate it, guys! When you think you are happy, person next to you maybe not. Try to open your mind wide. Feel and see the reality. Fact says that we are not perfect. You and me are the same. So i just want you to know, if you are talking about me, you have to see yourself in a mirror, and think what if you were in my position. If you don't want to be talked, don't talk about others. Life is like a wheel, i realize that now i am sad, i am down, i am lonely, but i am stronger, i am learning how to respect others, i am trying to love people who don't love me like i do. These things are hard to do, but easy to say. Maybe i am weak, but God makes me stronger. Maybe i am bad, but God creates me well. 1 thing that you have to remember. Don't envy me, don't .try to get closer to me, don't see me like a ghost, and don't treat me like an animal. Because i am not your maid, i am not stupid, i am not a girl who could stand in front of you. I know you guys are jealous about me because you didn't get what i got. I know you guys don't have much experience like me, that's why you don't know how to respect others and to treat others well. Someday you will understand and God is working! Watch out. My pray is stronger that your words. When you think you are smarter and wiser and me, i doubt it and i am sure i will win because i have Jesus beside me. Just watch and see! Don't talk too much. No action, talk only. CUPU!