Monday, February 8, 2010

you and him

i can't stand this situation which i have to choose one between the two people that i love both. i feel lost without him, i feel comfortable with you guys, i feel so guility that when my status is in a relationship with you, i'm thinking about him instead. you and him are important. that's why i can't choose whether you or him. I know i am selfish, and when i am selfish, i will lost the two of you. I realize i have to choose. I know i'm bad and i don't want to feel this way actually. I have already decide my own decision, but it's not easy to say and to feel. I want to get closer and know both of you more. so that i can learn and know about my true feeling which is bigger and deeper. I want to know you guys more and make sure that my feel is right. But it's hard to explain and i can't guarantee that this decision is the best that we will take. It's hard to end this things, but it's hard to not to think about him. I have already think that one of us will ue hurted. Actually, i don't want anyone of us to get hurt and disappointed, but i guess it's imposible. There's time when we must get hurt and there's time when we must get happiness. When i like you, i miss him. When you were far from me, i think you and i am worry about him. How selfish i am. God please forgive me. Maybe this is a lesson from me to choose the best one. Please show me Your way so that i won't choose wrong. Because i will never avoid choice, and life is a choice.
Help me!