Friday, July 31, 2009

second chance

in my life, i will never give someone a second chance. what is a second chance? it's not in my dictionary.

it is okay to say sorry to me, it is okay to ignore me, it is okay to break me up, and i will accept you apology..

but, it doesn't mean that i will forget all of your mistake right? there's no second chance. at least i have known that you suck! you have hurted my heart and you have given me a bad memory. yes i know you more. yes i know you better. yess i know your bad things, yess you were so mean to me. but, sorry, no second chance.

if we break up already, there will no relationship again between us forever.

if we are enemy for once, there will no friendship between us again forever

because love is not only one. friend is not only you. there are so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people out there.
there are so manyyyyy boys out there. so manyyyyyyy best friends that i will search.
God has created us in a vary characters, personalities and faces.
that's why, i want to forget all my past and start of something new.
i'll find all things new if all of my stories end.
remember, no second chance!

maturity (inner and outter)

how to be mature? :( i am a 16 years old girl. i can't eat an ice cream professionaly. my body looks small, tiny, short and fat. these are 3 words to describe me most. i want to be more mature and taller. please.. if there's a fairy, i want i wish please make me more mature. i don't want to be childish as my age is going older every day. i want to change all of my bad habits. but my friends say that i am thin already :( so saddd.
what do i have to do now? help me if you know how to be more mature.
but guys, actually, i solve problems professionaly, i dress up beautifully :), i eat comfortly, i help all of my friends sincerely, i love my boyfriend trully, i study lazily, and i pray regularly.
maturity of someone can't be measure by age, right?
but.. i still want to look elegant, i want to have a better outter and beautiful inner.
who sees inner rather than outter?
everyone sees outter first, and then inner second.
but who can reads inner?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

he does!

day by day
i treasure every moment i spend with him :)
i love him more n more each day
he's getting nicer and more caring each day
i don't know why ^^
but i am happy to have him like this
what things that make him like this? ^^
but i love him the way he is.
i accept him with all of his good things and bad things ^^
if he doesn't care, i will still care..
irene loves andrew

Thursday, July 23, 2009


i care even if they don't care
i care even if he doesn't care
i care even if she doesn't care
i care even if no one cares :)

i do love them even if they don't love me :)
still.. sincerely i love him.
i love all people in the world.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i love this cute small stylish cellphone made by LG. unfortunately it's only available in Korea. Indonesia doesn's provide these yet, maybe some other time. OMG. i love this. see the vary of the colours. bright, simple, but great ^^ i hope my country provides this immediately T.T
Please distribute this to Indonesiaa :) we are waiting for this cute cellphone.

GOD part 2

here i am to worship,

let me use my talent to worship You, God. Let me use my mouth to sing and praise You Lord, let me use myself to make you happy.

I'm Yours, Lord..


i am tired of love life, God.. You are the one who understands me well. No one pays attention to me. Sometimes i feel like i'm a stranger. No one cares. No one helps. No one understands. No one besides me. God, but You're living in my heart. I know that You always hear my pray. Even each words that i say through my mouth are my pray. Why God creates a lonely feeling?
I don't feel lonely, but i can't stand this situation. I really want to talk about my problem, but it's not appropriate to talk by now.
Sometimes, HOPES make us DISAPPOINTED, rite? why why why? Why there's hope? what do hope stands for?
There's a time when my family, my best friends, and my boyfriend leave me alone and it's time for me and You, God. They have their own task to do. I am just too bad for them.
Why do i hate myself? How to make them proud of who i am? What do i have to do? T.T
GOD, here i am, screaming out loud inside my heart, crying without any tears, and smiling in front of others. oh, how great i am!
GOD. I am tired of this.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

about life

i find myself in a dark place, standing alone and getting stuck there. no one worries and searchs me. how can i flow my self without people around me?
i realized that life is so complicated. that's my favorite quote. but why troubles come one by one and never stop?
what do i have to do now? i totally unprepared for my future. i always think about that, but..
it's dark. i can't imagine anything.
i have many friends around me now, but i know that someday we will walk and struggle for our own self alone. in the future, we will be busy for our self.
i hate being adult, but now it's time to grow.
life doesn't finish yet. i like this situation n i want time to be stop!
please. don't hurt me.

are you proud of who i am?
i'm not the most beautiful girl that u've ever seen.
i'm not dilligent, i'm not the 'it girl'
i'm not slim, but i am short.
but i like my self and even if i am not perfect, i will love you perfectly :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bahasa indonesia ahhh~

wow uda sangat lama lama lama. tak terhitung lamanya sejak kapan gw ga pake bahasa indonesia untuk mem-post blog gw. hehe.
gw blm ada inspirasi mw nulis apa. gw tulis aja deh yg mw gw tulis. tapi masalahnya gw ga tw mw nulis apa. mw nyapa bella dong. "Hi Bel, apa kabar?".
Menurut kalian, setia itu susah ga? darimana kita bisa mengukur kesetiaan setiap orang? gw pgn tau, apa orang yang suka ganti" pasangan itu sebenernya ga punya cinta sejati yah? apa gimana? bukan maksud ngatain sih. tapi maaf dulu ya kalo ada yg tersindir.
gw cm pgn tau. buat apa sih mainin orang? orang kan bukan mainan.
cinta itu ga bisa di beli dengan uang, tapi gw akuin kalo cinta itu butuh uang!
semua butuh uang.

ngomong" gw lagi sedih nih. gw ga ngerti kadang sama diri gw. gw suka ga jelas tiba". suka sering dejavu. terkadang gw suka sendirian, karena di saat gw sendirian, pikiran gw bisa jauuuuuhhh melayang kemana-mana, ke tempat yang jauh n tinggi, bahkan ke tempat impian yang sebenarnya tidak nyata.
kebahagiaan merupakan hal yang paling penting dalam hidup gw. hidup gw cuma sekali n gw harus benar" memanfaatkan hidup gw yang gw ga tau kapan akan gw 'diambil' oleh Tuhan gw di surga. Gw cuma ingin membuat orang lain senang dengan kehidupan gw, dengan bagaimana gw, dan dengan apa adanya gw. Karena hidup gw adalah hidup semua orang.

Gw sadar kalo gw emang ga cakep, ga tinggi kyk model, ga perfect, tapi gw ga salah kan kalo emang gw di ciptakan gini? Gw percaya tiap orang di ciptakan ada maksudnya. Gw bener" bersyukur uda di ciptain begini. Gw ga mau merubah apa-apa dalam diri gw. Gw sayang diri gw.
Gw ga mw nyakitin hati orang lain. Tuhan tolong bantu aku bersikap..

Masalah teman, gw punya banyak teman. Gw sayang sama mereka semua, dan juga sebaliknya. Makasi Tuhan ud beri teman seperti mereka. Tapi seiring berjalannya waktu, gw mulai bisa menilai nama teman yang baik, mana teman yang belum baik. Kenapa gw bilang belum baik? kenapa gw ga bilang jahat? karena manusia bisa berubah, dengan adanya waktu, kesadaran dan pengalaman yang terjadi dalam hidupnya. Gw ga mw pilih-pilih teman, tetapi supaya ga muna juga, semua mw punya teman baik kan? Semua mw punya teman yg bisa memberi saran n mendukung dalam perjalanan hidup kan?

Kebahagiaan sumbernya dari hati yang penuh syukur. Gw lihat sekeliling gw sekarang sudah lengkap. Gw punya semua harta yang paling berharga dalam hidup gw. Gw punya Tuhan yang ga pernah tidur dan selalu ada di samping gw, gw punya keluarga, gw punya cowo yang sayang sama gw apa adanya n gw bangga sama dirinya, gw punya teman baik yang bisa mengerti gw.
Itu semua sudah lebih dari cukup. Dalam hidup yang paling penting bukan uang, tetapi kebahagiaan. itu menurut gw loh ya.

Terkadang kedewasaan dan tumbuh dewasa bukanlah sebuah impian saja, tetapi merupakan sebuah keharusan yang prosesnya menyakitkan. Semua masalah yg kita alami akan membuat kita semakin dewasa karena kita di beri pengalaman untuk menyikapinya.

Dan kesimpulannya, gw tw kalo gw cewe bawel yang ga jelas apa yg di bawelin sendiri, dan mungkin orang lain juga ga ngerti. Maav ya. Gw tw blog gw ga berguna n ga bermanfaat buat siapa-siapa. cuma bermanfaat buat diri sendiri aja. huhu. Teman, gw akan sangat senang bila gw bisa membantu kalian semua, Tolong, buat hidup gw yang sebentar ini, menjadi lebih berguna.. ^^


hey hey hey readerss! how are you? sorry for not posting for several days. i've started my new school. it was fun at the first day. many friends welcoming me and i didn't think that they would do that. i thought i was forgotten.
i am not available since 090709.
i have nothing to say about him. only him. only him. only him.
i promise only him. no one else.
i have closed my heart for now. not available.
only for andrew ^^
i hope that he will stays in my heart all the time and not go out.
i do have fears.
i afraid to lose him. i afraid if someday he finds another girl that much better than me, but it's okay if he's happy. i afraid it he leaves me alone. i afraid if he doesn't love me anymore. i afraid to do long-distance relationship..
i have to trust him.
God gives me chance to stay, not to go abroad, so that i can be with him :)
this is paradise. Thank you God. i love You my Dad ^^

i don't lie to my self. i dont want to hust my self. but now i am not alone.

Monday, July 6, 2009

andrew revindo

if vivi my super best friend could mentioned her crush's name as the title, so do i ^^ because i have nothing to be scared, right? :)
crush? is he really the one i've been searching for?
i really feel comfort so far. as time goes by he fills my day and i think he helps me to forget his best friend slowly. i don't know why but i did it. i did forget his bf just because of him.
i don't mind to love him, but if he loves me not? i don't want to love him then.
called it i afraid him if he brokes my heart. even if he doesn't realize it.
but what if i already just into him? what if i already have that love feeling?
i see him through it all. i like the way he treats me. he respects and values me.
actually i do need someone older n wiser,
but i don't know why my heart says that he still loves ..... .sorry to say but i feel this and i think of this day by day.
she's 10000x more beautiful than me
she's 10000x more intelligent than me
i mind to compare my self to her, because she and me are totally different.
it's okay for me if he still loves her,
it's okay for me if he doesn't love me,
it's okay for me if he leaves me someday.
it's not okay for me to see you sad and cry.
whoever are you, i don't want you to be sad and cry because of me.
because i want to make all people (not just you) happy,
if someday you are mine, i won't let you go and i will try to make you smile everyday.
i highly appreciate you to share all of your stories and problem to me.
i will help you and i'll be faith for you.
faith? you doubt it? i have ever love someone for 6 years.
i called it faith, n i will give my faith to you someday if you are my boyfriend.
and i will treat you well.
i promise. i won't ever lie to you.
because i want you to do that to me also, to do the same thing like i do sincerely, so i have to do it.

i need you to trust your self that you can take care of me and protect me. ^^

because relationship needs concequences from the two of us that will take risk together, solve together, survive together, and to be together forever :D
-irene ariani-

p.s. let it flows and let time answers for you and me ^^

4 going to 5 july 09

my best friend Sherly had her first experience to slept in my house @ saturday until monday. we had lots of fun. at that time i had to gave a letter and a small mushroom to someone who would go somewhere for his college and future.
hmm it sounds crazy but what if sherly and me walked from my house to his house? it was fun and tiring. really. we spent approximatly hmm 30 minutes? haha.
no no no that's imposibble to be true right? believe it or not. ^^
it happened at 8 p.m. haha can you imagine?
many scary things came to us but we could survived together until we arrived at his house.
i can't tell many things n information in here but, i didn't regret to do a lot of things like that.
until we meet again..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

am i?

Sanguin (Sanguine) - Darah – Hidup - “Yang Populer”. Orang-orang sanguin cenderung ingin populer, dengan mencari perhatian orang disekitarnya. Mereka senang sekali bicara tanpa bisa dihentikan. Gejolak emosinya bergelombang dan transparan. Pada suatu saat ia berteriak kegirangan tapi setelah itu ia bisa jadi menangis tersedu-sedu. Gayanya yang gaduh, bersuara keras, dan ramah membuatnya tampak percaya diri lebih daripada yang sebenarnya. Kadang-kadang ia terlihat sembrono/kurang sopan. Dan dengan mudah ia dapat menyebarkan perasaannya kepada orang lain melalui perkataannya. Terkadang orang sanguin sedikit agak pelupa, sulit berkonsentrasi, cenderung berpikir 'pendek', dan hidupnya serba tak teratur. Dia adalah orang yang sangat bersemangat dalam hidupnya. Ia selalu tampak ceria, hangat, bersahabat, dan sangat menikmati hidup (enjoy aja!). Seorang sanguin cenderung lebih mendasarkan perasaannya daripada pemikirannya saat ia mengambil keputusan. Ia sangat menyukai 'kesenangan', seorang sanguin jarang sekali membiarkan hatinya bersedih berlama-lama

Thursday, July 2, 2009

how come?

This morning i received a sms from Sharon, my friend. She said that she would move next academic year. She has known that i also move, but different school with her. I don't say goodbye yet to all my friends. Even they don't know that i amm going to move. Only Setyo, Bella n Sharon know. hmm~ so sad. than my class will consist 13 people.
I don't know what should i do next. My parents want me to say goodbye to the school especially teachers. But i will miss them all especially my junior. i love them. Later when i come there, it remainds me of them. kk gomawo, bogoshipda. ^^

hmm my real holiday is less than 2 weeks. Before i studied hardly for test and i found a school which provide uan, and it was tiring. really. i envy you guys who enjoying your holiday, although all people say holiday is boring, do nothing, etc. but you have to thank that you don't need to do what i had to do on holiday. hehe

today i didn't give his poem request and my present. sorry. i can't. until we meet again.