Sunday, May 17, 2009

saturday night..

bella and me has cancelled to go to tebet for shopping. so i continued my sleeping time and at 1 o'clock monic called me and she said she wanted to go my house. then i woke up and took a bath. hihi. monic and me were talking about something important (always) while i still sick. hmm she also knew that he is taken already by someone else. hehe.
i'm happy to have best friend like you, monic :D
thank you for sharing me
all of your problems, and thank you for listening
to mine :)

in te afternoon, my family decided to go to mall kelapa gading for buying a new gadget and iPod for me, yihai. I think it was a good idea, because bella n i had just cancelled our plan to go to tebet. hehe. she's still sick and so do i. but i always have passion to go outside mu house. haha
hmm. i wore this for my weekend :
jeans republic's t-shirt, n.y.l.a's high waist. charles and keith' sandals

so simple right. ahaha :D i have to be aware to my fat body. oh oh oh. ^^ first arrived there, my brother got an iPod touch 8GB and i didn't buy anything. I didn't know why i was not in the mood for things like that. hehe. That's not a big problem for me. I just want to buy something from my own money. The things that we buy are the same, but the satisfaction are different :) haha. aduu my language nih~~ just wait then someday i will buy new things by my own money.

and then my family and i went dinner at the duck king, i ate so much fooooooooood .see, i cleaned all of these plates. but i didn't really like the fried rice. because it had no taste, or because of my stuck nose? so that i couldn't taste any food? hmm

ohya, plese pay attention to this!

what a superrrrrrrrrrrrr cute mushroommmmmmmmm. i was imagine that how can a super mario bros muchroom that i love, become this stuff that i ate. haaahaha

after that i let my stomach get bigger by :

sour sally. haha. i ate the pink one and my brother ate the plain one. wkwkw. i;m sure now i am making you guys ngiler by looking at those photos of delicious tasty yummy food and yogurt:) =0.. hmmmmm nyam nyam nyam

and then i went around the mall to go home and passed the gosh shop. and i got something there : a pair of sandal :_)
byebyebye mkg :) :) i had a really fun sat nite.