Thursday, May 28, 2009

thursday's over. hi friday~

i finished today. i got bahasa indonesia test 6 pages with 5 numbers of question. (really lebay but the content is nothing). i just finished my bible worksheet (it's soooo many). i did the tok test not really well. i got 7 out of 10. it's not that satisfying. but it's all that i could do. hmm tomorrow i 'll do chemistry test and until now i don't study yet. even my book is in the locker, hehe. i didn't bring it to my home. because actually it's useless. manyyyyyy times occured like that. i brought it heavily and it only stayed at home, without i touched it. haha. so i don't care anymore. i'll just read twice or 3 times from the 2 handouts. it's enough. ohya i got 100 again in humanity second test~ thank you God. kk. i'm happy.