Sunday, May 24, 2009

what a tiring monday :(

i hate monday. everybody hate monday. but i've done itgs web design (thank you so much A young), i've done physic oral test, and the humanity test chapter 3 has cancelled and it's going to be on Wednesday (so i'll have double test chapter 3 and 4), after this i'll have ToK and math test. OMG. please i can't do math at all. please please please :(
please postpone it to be tomorrow please.Bella doesn't come today. haha ^^.
Min Joo bought her prom dress yesterday @ Mangga 2 with A young. huhu.
i also want to buy. i didn't prepare all for prom. but who knows that i'll be good at prom (haha being coonfident is good rite, but not over) :) :)
hmm..i'm thinking of something else right now.

actually i want to share something here about my sunday 01.00 am. hehe. it's sooooooo hmm (no comment). ridiculous and an experience, because i've never did that before actually. hihi. just want to know and hmm just that :(

it's about me, and radio :D

i finished the math test. the terrible test ever! ohya maybe later if i have time, i'll tell about my story which is about me and radio~