Thursday, July 2, 2009

how come?

This morning i received a sms from Sharon, my friend. She said that she would move next academic year. She has known that i also move, but different school with her. I don't say goodbye yet to all my friends. Even they don't know that i amm going to move. Only Setyo, Bella n Sharon know. hmm~ so sad. than my class will consist 13 people.
I don't know what should i do next. My parents want me to say goodbye to the school especially teachers. But i will miss them all especially my junior. i love them. Later when i come there, it remainds me of them. kk gomawo, bogoshipda. ^^

hmm my real holiday is less than 2 weeks. Before i studied hardly for test and i found a school which provide uan, and it was tiring. really. i envy you guys who enjoying your holiday, although all people say holiday is boring, do nothing, etc. but you have to thank that you don't need to do what i had to do on holiday. hehe

today i didn't give his poem request and my present. sorry. i can't. until we meet again.