Friday, August 21, 2009

don't you realize?

don't you realize?
it's harder everyday..
really. . i tell you the truth. this is what my heart says. it comes from my deepest heart.
it doesn't mean that i don't love you anymore.
I have try my best to be survive.
I always TRY to understand you well, although IT'S HARD.
don't you realize?
I close my heart for other boys. i don't pay much attention to them just because i'm in love with you ONLY. you're STILL the one.
Don't you realize?
In highschool, temptations are also hard to be ignored. It's time to have many friends as i can. and also in university, that's why i understand.
But, everything's reminding me of you. whan can i do?
don't you realize?

i TOTALLY understand you and I WILL LEARN to understand you MORE and MORE each day. Don't you realize?

i'm not fine. i'm in pain. don't you realize?
what if you were me? what will you do? will you just silent and do nothing?
what do you want?
just say it..

i love you