Wednesday, November 18, 2009

to avoid something

i am going to delete my posting which titled "no regret,just lesson". why? because i afraid that he will read it and he feels like he did it to me. i just don't want to remember those suck things! like it really wastes my time. i don't want to know him. i don't want to see him. sucks! go away from me bullshit. i don't need you anymore, i found what i've been looking for.
but still.. thanks for the memories that we have spent together through months and day by day. enough. please. i can't count on you anymore. i don't believe you anymore. that's okay. we better be just friend. you are not handsome. jadi please behave! jangan sok ganteng deh. don't pretend that you're handsome. my life will be better without you, but you have to know that you give me a very big lesson and experience to face these things! playboy. go away from me! hell-you!
you go your way, i'll go mine.
live you life, and i'll live mine.
we've better off separated.

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