Saturday, April 17, 2010

i find myself again

I find myself again and i want to renew everything. He ended our relationship and after he left me, i doubt him a lot. As time goes by, my feeling was getting lower and worse. It's gone by itself. By the memory passed, i know who he is, and i'm sure that he is not the best person for me. Yes he is kind, adoreable, simple, caring, and funny. But he didn't survive with my confession. Your goodbye made me opened my eyes wider, made me realized how precious i am, how i love myself more that i love you. After you decided to get over me, thanks God i don't have to forget him and i don't have to forgive him. Even though life is so different now, but i can follow it and walk with my friends surrounding me. I don't love you anymore, sorry. That feeling was gone easily. Honestly, things were not changin at all. It returned to my daily activities which didn't need you at all. I don't know about your feeling to me right now, you may hate me and find another girl. I don't care. All i want is your happiness, because you are my friend. Thanks for everything you have given me. My pain made me strong. My disappoinment made me patient. My smile made me thankful. God knows me best. So that He gave me these experiences, to make me stronger, more grateful, greater, and to make my life colorful.
You are my past. The end is just the beginning. I want to open my blank white paper, and fill it with my color!

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