Sunday, November 18, 2012

I hope that everything's gonna be okay

In this last few weeks, 'tough' has become the most suitable word which described me. I've been feeling so lonely that I got no shoulder to cry on, to survive and to share. One by one problems came by, some of them just passed by and some of them stay with me. I think that this is the time for me to be more mature and give thanks to The Lord and see things from different perspective. I got one big problem which related to my significant others, who is my family. The hardest part of this was I got shocked and I have no one to face it with me because i tend to be an independent girl and the environment used me to. Likely forced me to. Instead of having a nightmare and highly anxious problem, I decided to tell about this to my two significant others. Firstly I had no courage and I did feel shy to convince it. As time runs by, I realized that to share this problems was the best decision I made. Imagine if I didn't tell them what's disturbing me in this last few weeks, I would had been depressed and............just really unspoken word with unspoken feeling. Now I'm feeling more safety with the pray I say and the strength I have. Maintaining the strength and the faithful itself is not a big deal from some people but for me........yes it's a big problem. I need to committed with my self that I will also learn and take the good things inside this. Moreover, I need to be sure that i am strong enough to face this. Well... Things which I've been said above, wasn't easy enough to represent my reality but no doubt, Lord is here with me to bring me high and make me a strong special lovable blessing woman in life. I might be not extraordinary and I might be not the perfect girl in this life, but with all my weaknesses, with all my pain, I'll survive through this life. No reason, just because this life is just too precious for me and I won't let my time be wasted for something unimportant. I hope that everything's gonna be okay and will be back like usual as soon as possible. Knowing that your prayer was hear by God is the best thing in life. I'm sure that He will never close His eyes for His child.

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