Thursday, May 14, 2009

give me time to breath, please?

i have so many project and homework tomorrow. Even i didn't touch it until now. It sucks! Actually i have dizzy, flu, and fever right now. It happends at the same time. OMG. Everytime i get up, i always remember my homework. I want to practice my piano and play it regularly, but i can't.
It takes hours to do my workSHIT. I just need to resting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I am sick of this. Math quiz, i don't understand. chemistry quiz about alcohol, i don't understand either, bahasa indonesia ppt, i don't work on it yet. English senteces structure, very many, and bible hw which is very hard. I have to do all of this, with my sickness accompanying me.
God, i believe i can do this. I believe means, i neither know, and i don't know.
but i will survive.
i can do it!!

This is my picture while i get sick. ad have no energy. but still have 5 minutes to take picture.

i need you beside me when i'm sick, holding my freeze hands, comfort me with your hug, and never let me go.. byebye love :(