Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this is really confusing

actually i really appreciate to my father, because tomorrow he won't go to his office just want to make sure that i get a new school for next academic year. But, besides that, i personally don't know what will happend next if the school will reject me? What if i fail by the test? What if they don't want to accept any new students there? What if these kind of things happend?
I don't have any second plan to do so, but i doubt my parent' second choice. They offered me to test and go to school whis is further than my school right now.
And the school finish at 4. So i will arrive at home approximately at 5.30 maybe? because at regularly schedule, it's the time for workers to go home also.
It will full of traffic jam and, wasting of time actually.
I can't stand this situation anymore. It hurts me. I just want to enjoy my life and make it easier. I totally miss my smile. I don't get it right now. I don't know why. I don't want to tell others about this plan, because i just want to leave quietly without any information about me.

God please show me the right way, plase help me to face this problem. In the name of Jesus, i give all of my pain and problem to You. Thanks God, praise and honor to You. Amen!

To be continued..