Saturday, May 9, 2009


omg. today is such a hmm. how to describe? i don't know. shocking? happy? sad? surprise? i guess i can't describe today.
firstly i want to say happy birthdat 16th to Maria Brigita Sutanto and to Monica Winata.
they are both my friends. hehe. wish you all the best, girls.
i went to church with Wika today and we saw each other for the first time. hehe.
at the church, she told me about him, and i told her about a boy who she had a crush on.
after i went to the church, i opened facebook.
it displayed about his status and..hmm in relationship. hehe
i was.. hmm nothing to said.
too much thought. but i had to be happy, because to love someone is to make him happy, rite?
or in indonesia, we called, "munafik" in my dictionary.
i HAVE TO stop thinking about him.
stars from now, i can't still in touch with him
because if i do so, i can't forget him.
he is too good to be true.
is there still in my mind about, "can't wait to see you?"
hmm yes maybe, but YOU'RE MY FRIEND
thank you for all you've done.
sorry, blame it on me.
I think of him all day long, even though I know it's wrong.

byebye mr.ius
have a good future :)
and big THANK YOU for coloring my day