Monday, June 15, 2009

for bella

bel sorry. at first i wanted to posted the letter on a paper, but i've changed my mind. so i just post it here so that everyone will know :) there's no secret between us rite? and public for sure in here. hihi.
i would like to say thank you especially for you and setyo for having me together with you all day. hmm it's been a great thing to know you from the first yeat until the last.
honestly i don't remember how did the first time we met, and how did i say hi to you and let you to have a conversation between us and others.
my first impression to saw you were so damn quiet, no talk at all, so shy, so nervous and pesimistic :) but as time goes by u are becoming so crowd, can't stop talking, my friend who always give me suggestions, and all the positive things.
i am proud to have a friend like you.
i won't forget the moment we spent together at mangga 2, library, aquarium, health centre, and the practiced for gs day!
thank you for keep reading my blog, thank you for helping me, thank you for the chance to be friends with you.
let's not say goodbye! let's say until we meet again.
well u said in you letter that your last retret was so different. i don't know how different it was comared to 2 years ago or several years ago. i have no idea to imagine.
i only once did retret in sph and that was my first retret anyway u know. haha

i color it purple because i know that u love purple mpre that u love me. hahaha :)