Thursday, June 18, 2009

i don't go no where

i have a very boring holiday. OMG. this is not what i want actually. when i go to school, i always hope for a long long long holiday, but when it comes, i feel bored and nothing to do, i just stay at home all the time. but this holiday is different, there's someone who fills it with smile haha.
yaaa my friends go to bogor for cas. at least they don't do nothing there.
i was in surabaya, i was visited my mom's uncle who is sick now. that's true and i'm not lie.
that's why i didn't go to bogor for that reason. but only few people know :)

until now, i don't believe that someone expresses their feeling to me just in a 10 days. when i woke up this morning, i still realized that it was a long dream, but then i saw my inbox that i didn't delete his sms yet, so from there i could see the evidence of last night. i feel sorry for my self for not being perfect.i don't know that he did to me for sure. i need trust.