Sunday, June 14, 2009

just a nobody

i am nothing
i am stupid
i am short
i am ugly
i am unhappy
i am immature
i am not special
i am bad
i am poor
i am not normal
i am idiot
i am such a fool
i am fat

i adore you
i can't forget you
i still remember you
i see you
i watch you
i am taking care of you
i love you sincerely
i want to be with you
i like u the way you are,

but sorry,
my time is limited
6 years is enough to love you
i can't wait for you anymore
i have to open my hear for someone else
i have to forget you
i don't want to hurt myself by you
i have to leave you
i'll be your best friend to hear your problem and help you

thank you for coloring my 6 years
thank you, u've made me cry a lot
thank you for hurting me
thank you for making me survive
thank you for making me know what love is
thank you for your attention to me
thank you for your opportunity to be my best friend
thank you for all you've done to me