Saturday, June 13, 2009

unknown feeling

i have a new friend. i had started to sms him actually just fot fun at the first time. but i don't know why, as time goes by, i feel happy and my days are more colorful. hmm he is nice and, but he loves another girl, and so do i. we love someone who already been taken by someone else.
yesterday i saw E was sitting while he was waiting for his girlfriend.
it's been a long time not to see him directlty. neither happy or sad.

watching you holding hand with someone else is the happiest thing in my life.
it's such a big bullshit to say, and to FEEL.
it's harder than mathematic, physic, and chemistry.

it used heart to feel, eyes to cry, ears to hear from his mouth that he loves her a lot, mouth to lie my feeling, and my body is getting weaker.

i guess i can be stronger. although it's difficult to feel this way,
if God wants me to move school, i will see him again everyday, with full of pain on my heart, tears on my eyes, and a very big smile on his lips when he with her.
i know she is perfect! she's more diliigent, and she's the one that you've choosen.
i really appreciate you decision to be with her.
if i only can get one chance to be yours? i think it's the happiest thing in my life. because u are the most wanted in my life.
you are my idol star. you are the star that shining at night. only you can make me smile sincerely.
i want her to take care of him, to love him like i do, to not let him go, not to hurt him.
if someday i know that she hurts him, i will not apology her all my life!
i know she's 1000x more beautiful than me
i knoe she's the most perfect girl in your eyes
i know that she 10000x more precious in your life than me,
her sacrifices is not even bigger than me,
her love is not as sincere as me
her faith can't be guarantee