Monday, July 6, 2009

4 going to 5 july 09

my best friend Sherly had her first experience to slept in my house @ saturday until monday. we had lots of fun. at that time i had to gave a letter and a small mushroom to someone who would go somewhere for his college and future.
hmm it sounds crazy but what if sherly and me walked from my house to his house? it was fun and tiring. really. we spent approximatly hmm 30 minutes? haha.
no no no that's imposibble to be true right? believe it or not. ^^
it happened at 8 p.m. haha can you imagine?
many scary things came to us but we could survived together until we arrived at his house.
i can't tell many things n information in here but, i didn't regret to do a lot of things like that.
until we meet again..