Monday, July 6, 2009

andrew revindo

if vivi my super best friend could mentioned her crush's name as the title, so do i ^^ because i have nothing to be scared, right? :)
crush? is he really the one i've been searching for?
i really feel comfort so far. as time goes by he fills my day and i think he helps me to forget his best friend slowly. i don't know why but i did it. i did forget his bf just because of him.
i don't mind to love him, but if he loves me not? i don't want to love him then.
called it i afraid him if he brokes my heart. even if he doesn't realize it.
but what if i already just into him? what if i already have that love feeling?
i see him through it all. i like the way he treats me. he respects and values me.
actually i do need someone older n wiser,
but i don't know why my heart says that he still loves ..... .sorry to say but i feel this and i think of this day by day.
she's 10000x more beautiful than me
she's 10000x more intelligent than me
i mind to compare my self to her, because she and me are totally different.
it's okay for me if he still loves her,
it's okay for me if he doesn't love me,
it's okay for me if he leaves me someday.
it's not okay for me to see you sad and cry.
whoever are you, i don't want you to be sad and cry because of me.
because i want to make all people (not just you) happy,
if someday you are mine, i won't let you go and i will try to make you smile everyday.
i highly appreciate you to share all of your stories and problem to me.
i will help you and i'll be faith for you.
faith? you doubt it? i have ever love someone for 6 years.
i called it faith, n i will give my faith to you someday if you are my boyfriend.
and i will treat you well.
i promise. i won't ever lie to you.
because i want you to do that to me also, to do the same thing like i do sincerely, so i have to do it.

i need you to trust your self that you can take care of me and protect me. ^^

because relationship needs concequences from the two of us that will take risk together, solve together, survive together, and to be together forever :D
-irene ariani-

p.s. let it flows and let time answers for you and me ^^