Friday, July 31, 2009

maturity (inner and outter)

how to be mature? :( i am a 16 years old girl. i can't eat an ice cream professionaly. my body looks small, tiny, short and fat. these are 3 words to describe me most. i want to be more mature and taller. please.. if there's a fairy, i want i wish please make me more mature. i don't want to be childish as my age is going older every day. i want to change all of my bad habits. but my friends say that i am thin already :( so saddd.
what do i have to do now? help me if you know how to be more mature.
but guys, actually, i solve problems professionaly, i dress up beautifully :), i eat comfortly, i help all of my friends sincerely, i love my boyfriend trully, i study lazily, and i pray regularly.
maturity of someone can't be measure by age, right?
but.. i still want to look elegant, i want to have a better outter and beautiful inner.
who sees inner rather than outter?
everyone sees outter first, and then inner second.
but who can reads inner?