Friday, July 31, 2009

second chance

in my life, i will never give someone a second chance. what is a second chance? it's not in my dictionary.

it is okay to say sorry to me, it is okay to ignore me, it is okay to break me up, and i will accept you apology..

but, it doesn't mean that i will forget all of your mistake right? there's no second chance. at least i have known that you suck! you have hurted my heart and you have given me a bad memory. yes i know you more. yes i know you better. yess i know your bad things, yess you were so mean to me. but, sorry, no second chance.

if we break up already, there will no relationship again between us forever.

if we are enemy for once, there will no friendship between us again forever

because love is not only one. friend is not only you. there are so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people out there.
there are so manyyyyy boys out there. so manyyyyyyy best friends that i will search.
God has created us in a vary characters, personalities and faces.
that's why, i want to forget all my past and start of something new.
i'll find all things new if all of my stories end.
remember, no second chance!