Sunday, November 22, 2009

i don't know

i don't know about my feeling. it divides into two which i can't determine what i want right now. maybe my heart doesn't know which is more important. as time goes by i remember the way my ex boyfriend treated me last time when we were in a relationship. we were so rarely met each other and he was busy at that time. yes i could understand. but things are different right now. he treats me differently now. he usually see me on the weekend and we just hanging and playing together. he didn't do this thing when we were in a relationship. it makes me confuse. he says he still love me until now and it's sincerely without any reasons to make me hurt and pain.
what should i do now? i really don't mean to make him hurt but i also don't know about my feeling. i like him and i like my senior. i can't decide yet. i don't even know my senior. even i don't know about my feeling and who is stronger. should i survive my feeling to my senior? he doesn't even need that. he doesn't even know me. let this be answered by time passed. maybe this will change so i know what is the best. but please i don't want to make my ex boyfriend hurt. i really appreciate him and his effort to make our relationship better. but let me erase and throw one of this unimportant feeling, but i don't know which one.

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