Tuesday, December 8, 2009

something hidden

i find myself again in a comfort way with someone. maybe it's too early to talk about this because i haven't know him for so long. he is so mysterious guy but i like the way he treats me. so much fun :) i don't know what will happen next, just enjoy this journey and wait for the best result. he is funny, caring, dilligent and religious. okay. stop talking about this. because i just heard from someone that he is having a girlfriend right now :D

i am doing something strategy to pull someone. it's not important but maybe it answers my question even it's only in 1 week process, but i can't handle it. i wonder to interact with him as soon as posible. but as time goes by, if my feeling decreased, it's okay. i would never feel alone because i have my best friends to accompany me. thanks

now it's time to say something, i told you not to fall in love with me. or it would be so many complicated and complex problems to solve. maybe i'm the one who makes problem? T.T
i realized that i'm so indecive. i am stubborn and i can change my mind immediately.

s watch out. yes you can avoid me if you want :) you habe your own rights, remember that?
see you

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