Saturday, November 28, 2009

love is truly blind

everyone has their own rights and it influences how they interact people.
i have my own perspective about you. the way you treat me most, and the way you treat others.
yes it doesn't bring me into your private problems, but i am getting involve indirectly and i just want you to know that you are not mature enough to solve this problems.
you need an expert to give you solutions and to open you mind wider.
try to think if you were me. i don't think i'm right. and i don't think that you are right.
and please don't act like a child. i know that you're beautiful, but i don't care because you're my friend. you don't even know how deep is his feeling and you hurted him. i can understand him because i do feel the same way.
i feel so comfortable with my life right now. that's not the reason if i forgot you.
i have my own reasons to do this. and i personally think that i don't need any apologize from you and i won't say sorry until i really feel guility about this.
you must open you three eyes and realize first before you have your own conclusion of my friends and me.
i don't care about your opinion of me. you can do what you want to do. i won't never understand you because you don't.
i don't care if you shared and spread out a bad gossip about me to your friends. i really don't care because i don't have time to think about it.
and my friends will never hear and change their behavior to me. why? because they have known me for so long, more than you. :)
i'm so busy with my own happiness, assignments, schools, and my personal problems.

just to let you know : i'm sure that you will never know what love is, until you get hurt because of someone that you really love. maybe not now. not then, but you will. after you experience that, you automatically learn how to love, how to keep your relationship longer with happiness, how to laugh and sharing problems, how to make people around you happy, and how to fix broken heart.

someday you will understand.

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