Monday, October 3, 2011

Whatever You Do, Do It With Your HEART

Majoring in psychology is not that easy. I was thinking that psychology is quite simple and interesting, but yes it is interesting and not simple unfortunately :( it's complicated, but i have the key to make it simple actually. To make is simple, i have to think that it is simple, and i can do what i want (back to positive thinking). Yes you can do the simple things, even more complicated, bcoz you're great!!!! So many thoughts in general psychology that 'open' my mind wider than before. Every great person simply have a different thoughts and perseption about their own world. I feel like I'm lucky to have them..... I am amazed by their thoughts. About how psychology becomes a science. Okay, we're talking about history but this is cool, trust me! Even all of your books are full of english, you'll enjoy it because it's full of new perseption of human. Later on, I'll learn more about psychoanalisis, Sigmund Freud was the founder. I'll also learn about behaviorism, positivism, and many othersssss!!!! Oh well, I can't believe that I'm now over excited. Honestly, this is not easy at all. You have to read the whole books which titled "History of Psychology" in english, and also the power point itself that summarized the whole subjects per chapter. Normally, I have big passion and it's still big until now. My job is to make it big and to make it stay big for 4 years. Back to my commitment, I'll study harder than my friends. Time is money, by the time i study at class, my driver waits me at the parking cars. Other cases, by the time I play at campus, my driver also get paid after he drops me at home. So, I have to use the time WISELY. I get so many things which I didn't get at high school. You know, when you're happy, you say life is fun...but when you're sad and full of problems, you say life is hard. In this life, no ones never get into troubles. Everybody does. That's why,, life is hard, even the bible says it. Our task is, to make it easier and simpe. Walk with God, and everything will be OK.

When i was at high school, i underestimate the great person like Plato, Aristotle, John Locke, and many more, but's not me anymore. I adore all of them so much, because i learn their theories and I know they are GOOD. They are just greatest creature alive :D I love the way Plato defines motivation, human seeking for happiness only and far from pain, and all.

I think I'm in a right place, i feel like I'm right and I will not regret for choosing psychology as my major at university. Last but not least, whatever you're major is, whatever you do, DO IT WITH YOUR HEART.


Irene Ariani

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