Friday, March 23, 2012

last person who said happy b'day to me is.... Bella, my very best friend.

She said to me via bbm:

appy Birthday Irene My very very Best Friend.
I miss you so much dear !!!
I can't stop thanking God, who sent u to SPH to be my friend 4 years ago. .

Sorry for being late, but its still March 22 here hehehe
Thank you for your excellent wishes for me last time, now I also have similar wishes for you !!!

My wishes for you "All the Best"
Lebih gigih lagi, lebih rajin, tahan banting, tambah sayang dan disayang semua orang, dan yang pasti selalu berserah pada-Nya . .

More. . .

1. Harus keep motivated, no matter what you face. makalah, wawancara, psiu, and etc. I know you will get through all that because wou're no longer an 18 year old, that means you are getting to closer to be a woman :) I'm so happy for you :D

2. Don't Procrastinate. Manage your time and give your best. I learned that for everything, you will harvest what you planted. .

3.I also hope that you will be able to decide the right boy ,with God's help for sure. . I know you have lots of people that love you and as a psych major you'll know the right type for you hihi

4. Yang ngga kalah pentingnya, I hope you will grow closer to God and grow in your faith journey. Always cheer up, be optimist, motivated and be a lovely daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend . . I know you can !!

5. After all, you should never have a day with smile. You always have something to thank for, so Smile !! be thankful that God still gives you another day. Everyone know Irene is a strong lady . . Deall ??

The bottom line - - > I MISSSSS You just sooo soo much that I wish I can go home right now and meet you. Wish you all the best in UI, I'm so proud that as a Chinesse you can get in UI and God put you there for a reason. So no matter what hardship you face, you'll get through it, because He enables you. FAITH :)


Me replay:

Thanku so much my dearest, Bella. I'm touched with all your wishes and compliments. Yes, sure! Me too... Yes it's God's plan for us to met each other 4 years ago, but I know that our friendship will last forever.:D:D I'm so happy to have a very best friend like you, that no one can replace your place in my heart, even we're far away hehehe I can't walk and struggle this life alone, I need to face it with you and your prayer. I highly appreciate your writings and not copy paste-ing({})({}). Knowing that there are so many things to be done in college, make our time limited to contact each other, and also here, lots of happiness need be shared with youuuuu... Kkkk u know, every time I miss you, I read your essay which u gave me 4 years ago before I left SPH.. The details that u wrote there, make me feel like I been there again, I got the feeling when we were together. Hhiihhihi. Miss you miss you miss youuuuuuuuuuuu much much :*:* bcoz u are the last person who says happy b'day to me, I will post your wishes to my blog. U can come and see:D:D God bless us ya Belllll, wherever we are, whatever we do, and whenever it is..

i still remember, people say that we're such a twins :p
Bella and me at Bella super sweet 17th party

Bel, I miss u so much. U say my wishes motivated n encouraged u, but I think that's not true. It's you....encourage me and keep me motivated :P I wish I could be in USA right now so I can visit u n also have a journey there.
Your mushroom pal from Indonesia,
Irene mush♥

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