Saturday, July 18, 2009

about life

i find myself in a dark place, standing alone and getting stuck there. no one worries and searchs me. how can i flow my self without people around me?
i realized that life is so complicated. that's my favorite quote. but why troubles come one by one and never stop?
what do i have to do now? i totally unprepared for my future. i always think about that, but..
it's dark. i can't imagine anything.
i have many friends around me now, but i know that someday we will walk and struggle for our own self alone. in the future, we will be busy for our self.
i hate being adult, but now it's time to grow.
life doesn't finish yet. i like this situation n i want time to be stop!
please. don't hurt me.

are you proud of who i am?
i'm not the most beautiful girl that u've ever seen.
i'm not dilligent, i'm not the 'it girl'
i'm not slim, but i am short.
but i like my self and even if i am not perfect, i will love you perfectly :D