Wednesday, July 15, 2009


hey hey hey readerss! how are you? sorry for not posting for several days. i've started my new school. it was fun at the first day. many friends welcoming me and i didn't think that they would do that. i thought i was forgotten.
i am not available since 090709.
i have nothing to say about him. only him. only him. only him.
i promise only him. no one else.
i have closed my heart for now. not available.
only for andrew ^^
i hope that he will stays in my heart all the time and not go out.
i do have fears.
i afraid to lose him. i afraid if someday he finds another girl that much better than me, but it's okay if he's happy. i afraid it he leaves me alone. i afraid if he doesn't love me anymore. i afraid to do long-distance relationship..
i have to trust him.
God gives me chance to stay, not to go abroad, so that i can be with him :)
this is paradise. Thank you God. i love You my Dad ^^

i don't lie to my self. i dont want to hust my self. but now i am not alone.